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What is Maya?


What is maya?

Maya has been called Capomo, Maya Nut, Mayan Breadnut and Ramon Nut, among other names. In fact, Maya is NOT a nut, but is the seed of a giant rainforest tree in the fig family. It contains no toxic alkaloids or allergens and is 100% gluten and caffeine free. It has a low (<29) Glycemic Index, indicating it is a good food for diabetics or those on a low carbohydrate diet.

Guatemalan Maya (Brosimum alicastrum) Forest.

Guatemalan Maya (Brosimum alicastrum) Forest.


Our Maya is always 100% wild harvested from natural rainforest. There is no plantation grown or cultivated Maya available anywhere in the world at this time. We have planted (with our reforestation partners) more than 2 million Maya trees which will become commercially productive by 2018. Our Maya is naturally sun dried by rural women in Guatemala. This ensures our product is naturally good for the environment and for the women who process it.



The fresh seed can be boiled and tastes like potatoes. It can be diced, mashed, ground or pickled to create delicious sweet or savory dishes. We have not yet discovered a means of packaging fresh Maya to make it available in the US. If you are fortunate enough to live in Florida, there are trees there and you may be able to harvest from them, contact us to find out more!

Fresh Maya Seed. The brown seeds have already shed their green fruit layer.

Fresh Maya Seed. The brown seeds have already shed their green fruit layer.

Sun-dried Maya Seeds. Ready to be milled!

Sun-dried Maya Seeds. Ready to be milled!



The seed can also be dried, roasted and ground to use for baking, hot and cold drinks, sauces, or a condiment. Once dried, Maya can be stored for more than 5 years with no adverse effect on its flavor, aroma, nutrition or appearance. Maya cannot be eaten whole once it is dried, it MUST be roasted and ground to be edible. You cannot rehydrate or cook Maya Nut seed once it has been dried. We sell whole dried Maya and Maya powder on our online store.




Maya is known by more than 75 indigenous names, including:

Mexico: Huje, Capomo, Mojo, Mojote, Ramon, Ax, Ojite, Kukxapu
El Salvador: Ojushte
Nicaragua: Ojoche, Pisba-waihka
Costa Rica: Ojoche
Panama: Berba
Peru: Manchinga, Serpanchine, Capoma, Marometiqui, Urpay, Congona
Guatemala: Ujuxte, Ax, Masica, Ramon
Haiti: Chokogou
Trinidad: Moussara
Colombia: Guaimaro, Charo, Sande, Manta, Mondongo, Pasita
Venezuela: Charo Amarillo, Barimiso, Guaimaro, Sande
Honduras: Masica, Ojoche, Pisba-waihka
Brazil: Taju, Muiratinga, Murure
Jamaica: Breadnut
Cuba: Ramon Blanco
Ecuador: Sande, Tillo
Bolivia: Sande