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I am allergic to nuts, can I enjoy Maya?

Yes, Maya has been tested and proven to be safe for people with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts.


Where is Maya grown?

Maya is not really “grown” anywhere. It is found growing wild in rainforests throughout Mexico and Central and South America.


How do I use Maya in baking?

Dark Roast Maya can be used like cocoa powder in baking. Try substituting all or part of the cocoa powder in recipes with Dark Roast Maya powder for a nutritional boost and rich mocha flavor for your baked goods. You can use the Light Roast Maya Powder to add nutrition to anything you are baking. Don't replace more than a third of the wheat flour with Light Roast Maya powder. this is because Maya contains no gluten, so if you reduce the wheat flour too much recipes will be too crumbly. 

We have found that when baking with both Light and Dark Roast Maya Powder extra stirring helps with consistency of your final product because it develops the gluten in the wheat. 


Does my purchase really support women? 

Yes! all of our producers are women. They are fairly compensated for their work and their Maya-related jobs are safe, dignified and fun.


Where are the forests located?

We source our Maya from women-owned cooperatives in Guatemala.


Do the women own the land?

No, the producers harvest from government owned lands, most of which are protected areas. Our producers have obtained “forest concessions” from the Guatemalan government giving them permission to harvest in those forests.


Can I overdose on Maya?


Why isn’t Maya certified organic?  

Maya is the most organic food a person can eat. There is no need to pay for certification! Maya is a wild harvested rainforest product which is never exposed to fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Organic certification was developed for cultivated crops and is irrelevant to Maya. Certainly there could be exposure to chemicals after harvest and during transport. For this reason we test EVERY LOT for heavy metal residues, that way we can guarantee that our product is 100% chemical free. In comparison, certified organic food is very rarely tested for heavy metal residues.


Can I use Maya if I’m pregnant?

Maya is one of the best foods for pregnant and lactating women. It is high in calcium, potassium and magnesium, which help build healthy babies and can prevent bone loss during pregnancy.


Why are there no other companies offering Maya?

We developed our own supply chain over 20 years, training women to harvest and process Maya. Now we enjoy a very good relationship with our producers and they wont sell to other companies unless they offer a higher price. We offer the highest price to producers because we love and respect them. This is something that other companies are not ready to do yet, but possibly in the future there will be more companies competing for access to the supply chain.